59th Annual Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference - EPOC 2012

Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, OR

19 - 22 September 2012

*photo above, Mt. Hood during EPOC 2010, D. Sutherland

Co-Chairs:  Sarah Giddings & Dave Sutherland

EPOC President:  Albert Hermann
EPOC Treasurer:  Noel Pelland

The 61st annual EPOC will be held 17-20 Sept 2014 at Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, OR, EPOC 2014 information here!


Information from the 60th annual EPOC, 16-19 Sept 2013 at Fallen Leaf Lake, CA, EPOC 2013 information here!

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful conference! A special thank you to Bill Peterson for his incredible fireside chat which set a wonderful tone for the conference and got us all thinking about important science directions. That was followed by a great set of sessions and talks. The session chairs (Chris Mooers, Bill Peterson, Bill Sydeman, Marisol Garcia-Reyes, Jim Lerczak, Jeff Paduan, Ryan Rykaczewski, Samantha Siedlecki, Kerry Nickols, and Brock Woodson) did a wonderful job organizing interesting, well balanced sessions and keeping things on time during the meeting.

Congratulations to the student presentation award winners:
best student poster: Noel Pelland
best student talk: Piero Mazzini

Thanks to Al Hermann, Noel Pelland, Dave Sutherland, Sarah Giddings, and the folks at Timberline for setting everything up to make this meeting run smoothly!

The smoke finally cleared on the last morning of the conference to give stunning views of Mt. Jefferson, S. Giddings.

EPOC 2012 abstract book HERE!

Find updated program information HERE!

ALL particpants must fill out a short questionnaire regarding meals HERE by Wednesday 5 September 2012

Registration and Lodging fees due HERE by Sunday 19 August 2012

We are pleased to announce this year's fireside chat speaker:
Dr. Bill Peterson

Scientific Sessions

1. How does basin-scale variability affect the connectivity of the California Current System (CCS): its currents and ecosystems?

    (Co-Chairs: Chris Mooers & Bill Peterson)

2. Upwelling Intensification: Fact or Fiction?

    (Co-Chairs:  Marisol Garcia-Reyes & Bill Sydeman)

3. General Session

    (Co-Chairs:  Jim Lerczak & Jeffrey Paduan)

4. Deoxygenation and acidification in waters of the Eastern Pacific

    (Co-Chairs: Ryan Rykaczewski & Samantha Siedlecki)

5. Nearshore physics and biology

    (Co-Chairs: Kerry Nickols & Brock Woodson)